Restaurant Bar cleaning in Newcastle – Do You Need One?

Customers who enter your restaurant automatically assume that your premises are hygienic and clean. You are dealing with food, after all! However, as a busy manager or owner, perhaps you no longer have the energy or the time to keep your restaurant space clean without any outside help. You certainly have meetings that you have to attend, clients to serve, suppliers to meet, and several other back-office activities. This is basically the reason why hiring restaurant cleaners in Newcastle are a very effective option to take into consideration.


Cleaning Motion – Bar cleaners You Can Trust

As pub cleaners in Newcastle for several years, Cleaning Motion is equipped with a vast array of knowledge in cleaning pubs, bars, and restaurants in Newcastle. We offer cleaning services early morning every day during the entire week to different clubs and pubs in the Newcastle area. As such, we have maintained a good reputation to the clients that we serve.


We make sure that all bars, restaurants, and pubs listed on our books are all set and ready for their opening time for the day, making sure that they look inviting and presentable to their customers. No doubt, across all social environments, customers only expect the highest standard of cleanliness when it comes to selecting a place to dine.


Clean Motion is completely aware of this. As such, we continuously offer only the highest standards in cleaning services to your dining establishment. We are home to highly trained staff with excellent management and communication skills. With site visits and thorough site specification, we can provide the assurance of a service that is unparalleled.


Services We Offer


Our restaurant, club, and bar cleaners are expert when it comes to different services, including sweeping of floors, mopping and hover all types of glass and mirrors, even polishing them when needed.  We also offer jet washing and exterior sweeping as needed, emptying ash trays, as well as cleaning A Boards, washing them down and placing them back outside as necessary.

We also work with dusting chairs and tables, washing and polishing them, removing chewing gum stains, as well as scuffs marks. If you own a bar, we also take the time to wash down and polish the bar areas, sweeping the floors, replacing bar floor mats. Most importantly, we also make sure that all washrooms are cleaned thoroughly, with all rubbish removed, with consumables all replenished.


In certain establishments, we also offer complete services, which mean that we leave the premises ready for the day, thus allowing your staff to focus on their duties and obligations. As needed, we also offer daily kitchen cleaning, as well as the services of washroom attendants.