Cleaning Motion: Your Best Choice for House Cleaners in Newcastle

With your busy schedule, do you still have the time to clean the house? Unfortunately, for many people, they no longer have the time, and more importantly, the energy to do so. With this, consider yourself lucky as Cleaning Motion can extend a helping hand. If you like to regularly clean or spring clean your property, you do not have to do it on your own. Rather, you can hire the pros and be guaranteed that they will be able to provide top-notch domestic cleaning. Get in touch with Cleaning Motion today and see why they are a favorite when it comes to professional home cleaners in Newcastle and surrounding areas.


Professionals you can Trust


Cleaning Motion takes pride in having a competent team of home cleaners. They are experienced and experts in what they do. They have the knowledge and skills that are required to successfully complete any cleaning job, regardless of how big or small it is. They are provided continuous training in order to make them more competitive in what they do. They use state-of-the-art cleaning equipment. They are also insured.


Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions


More than just its people, Cleaning Motion also boasts of having sustainable cleaning approaches. From their domestic cleaning equipment to the soaps that they are using, you can be confident that they are environmentally-friendly. the company believes that for a business to be profitable, emphasis should not only be on what is good for the client but doing what is good for the environment as well.


Flexible Cleaning Schedule


Are you looking for regular or one off cleaning services ? Do you want your house to be cleaned once a week or once a month? At Cleaning Motion, you will be able to enjoy flexibility. You can schedule the cleaning services based on your needs and budget. The best thing is that there is no long-term contract. You can cancel the contract with a notice given at least two weeks before the last cleaning.


Price You Can Afford


Many people instantly shun the idea of hiring the services of companies providing regular house cleaning because of the assertion that it is expensive. While it can indeed be true, such is not the case with Cleaning Motion. The company offers a wide array of services that can be availed at practical rates. They have flat per-hour fee. To add, they also have no hidden costs, which mean that the price that you will be quoted will be the exact amount that you have to actually pay. For sure, the costs will not punch holes in your wallet and more importantly, even if it is affordable, quality of work will never be compromised.


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