After a winter of neglect and bad weather, your garden may be looking a bit worse for wear. Weeds sprouting up everywhere, patchy grass and dirty, unloved decking. It can be overwhelming, but at Cleaning Motion we can help.

Cleaning Motion offer a professional decking cleaning service in the Newcastle area, we recognise that decking cleaning is not a D.I.Y. job. Cleaning decking yourself can be time-consuming, costly and frustrating. You can also cause more damage if you have a limited knowledge of what you are doing.
Our professional and highly-trained team will assess your decking and any specific problem areas. Using the latest tools we will remove the build up of dirt and debris to get your decking looking its best.

Not only can Cleaning Motion get your decking looking like new, we can reduce wear and tear too. Cleaning your decking removes mould, algae, insects, weeds and more, all of these things can be responsible for the break down and damage of wood and degradation of paint and stains.
The Cleaning Motion team are fully flexible to suit your needs and your budget, be it a one-off deep clean to restore your decking or a regular service to maintain you decking, at Cleaning Motion we can satisfy your needs, at a price that you can afford.

Unlike most other companies offering decking cleaning in Newcastle, Cleaning Motion off their services on bank holidays and weekends, with no additional charge. Contact us on the local hotline or email